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Meal Package Menu


Mutabal  (Baba Ghanouge) - Veggie

Puréed eggplant, tahini, labaneh sauce, garlic and lemon juice. 


Khuboz Arabi - Vegan 

Pita Bread


Shorabet Addas- Vegan

Seasoned Red lentil puréed with carrots, potatoes and caramelized onions 



Kofteh Bilbandoorah - GF 

Grilled seasoned ground beef kofteh, mixed with sliced bell pepper, onions drenched in tomato sauce served with seasoned basmati rice 


Mujaddarah - Vegan & GF 

Brown lentil mixed with seasoned basmati rice and caramelized onions Served with Khiyar Bilabaneh: Chopped cucumber drenched in labaneh sauce - Veggie 


Dajaj Muhammar - GF 

Oven-roasted seasoned chicken legs mixed with diced onions, jalapeño, and olive oil. 


Dessert - Veggie 

Pistachio Baklava  

Walnut Baklava

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